Road Tripping with Turo

Tuesday, July 19, 2016 4:30 AM

Good Morning Dolls!

With Summer in full swing, there is no better time for a road trip! Road tripping has always been one of my favorite things to do.  If it has been a solo trip, one with a bestie, or a group of people they have always proven to be some of my best memories. Some of my favorite excursions have been the ones with no timeline and nothing planned.  Just you, friends, the open road, snacks and an awesome playlist. 
Being the giant goofball I am, occasionally I make themed play lists.  For example New York requires NYC themed list (Broadway, NY artists or mentions), southwest road trip had a western theme,  and my latest Southern California trip was mostly gangster rap and country... weird combo, I know!  

Some of my best girlfriends are spread all over the country, so often times, I road trip to see them or fly and we do a trip together. In cases where a few of us have flown into one location we have had to set up transportation. If you are planning your own road trip I strongly suggest Turo.  Similar to an airbnb, you register and find local cars available for rental.  They are located in 2,500 locations and 300 airports, ideal for an epic road trip! 

With plenty more weekends left this Summer, I am planning to hop in my car for some more adventures. Here are some of my favorite playlists.

How do you road trip?

xx, Elise

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  1. You can't hit the road without a good playlist! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. So much fun! Love this post.


  3. You're not alone..I always do themed playlists too! You've got some classic goodies on yours!


  4. You're not alone..I always do themed playlists too! You've got some classic goodies on yours!


  5. I love road trips and themed playlists. Summer is the perfect time for road tripping with friends! Thanks for joining the tutu Tuesday link up!

  6. I love a good road trip. Good music is essential! Turo sounds cool.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  7. Themed playlists are the best! That's what I love about spotify!

    xx Leah /

  8. Good music is a must for any roadtrip!

  9. I love this! Theme playlists are amazing!
    Those are great songs!

  10. How fun, I love your playlists! They are essential to any roadtrip!


  11. Got to have a bomb playlist when road tripping. It makes the long drive that much more fun!

  12. I love it. And a what would the world be like without giant goofballs!? Here in the south, they like to spoil the end of summer, by setting back to school in the first week of August! Not cool for the road tripper. Not cool.

  13. My boyfriend rents his car on Turo, and he loves it! Such a cool service!

    xo Lacey