When Life Gives You Lemons

Tuesday, August 8, 2017 3:30 AM

Good Morning Loves!
I am currently sitting on my deck listening to pandora, and staring blankly at the blinking cursor on my screen. So much has gone on since my last post... where do I begin?  
The start of my weekend was hectic, waking up at 4:15 AM on Friday to host my annual work golf tournament. Turned out to be wonderful, raising record funds for the two charities that our members chose this year, Autism Speaks and Multiple Sclerosis.  The weather was outstanding, the golfers were well behaved (relatively), and everything ran smoothly.  After hours in the sun I headed to see Coldplay at Gillette Stadium.  My music taste spans so many genres, but I have always gravitated to alternative not super popular music, Coldplay is the exception. I know they get a lot of flack for being so mainstream, and God forbid people like anything so mainstream.  Then there is that joke in The Forty Year Old Virgin that people love to quote.  Going to see them live just solidified that I unapologetically love them.  They were so prompt, walking on the stage exactly at 9, and they played  a solid two hours.  I forgot how much I loved each and every song they played, screaming 'Oh my God, this is my favorite!', turns out that I said that quite a few times, and truly it should have been reserved for 'Fix You'.  If there were a soundtrack of my life, 'Fix You' would be on the 2008-2009 volume. I love it, and it doesn't matter how many time I hear it, it always makes me cry.  Chris Martin ran up and down the stage and runway, energetically for a 120 minutes talking directly to all the fans as if he was personally talking to each and every one of us. Upon entering the stadium everyone is handed a bracelet that would light up different colors for each song. Sometimes solid, sometimes blinking, coordinated with the lasers, fireworks, confetti and giant bouncing balls, it.was.amazing!

The one and only bummer about the night was that I lost my grey Rebecca Minkoff crossbody.  Gillette has a strict bag policy,  8 x 5 clutch, wallet, wristlet, or crossbody. I believed my bag was regulation. We parked over a mile away and walked to the stadium, only to be told it was in fact too large.  I explained it was regulation, I took everything out and showed them the empty bag, he was not amused, looked right through me and yelled 'NEEEEEXT!'  I had three choices, throw my bag in the trash (that was a big NO), walk to and from the car again which would be over two miles, or.... take out the contents put it in the hideous clear bag provided by Gillette, hide my bag somewhere and get it after the show. I chose option three. We thought it was far enough out of the way, no one would see or take it. Needless to say, I was wrong. When I returned after the show, other people had also left there bags and mine was gone. Needless to say I was irate. I would also like to point out the was a concert goer in a complete elephant suit...I was unable to take in my bag I had emptied, and they went in completely covered with a giant mascot animal head on and it was allowed because it wasn't a 'bag'.  Total BS!  

Since I just went on and on, I will keep it short in regards to this look. I love lemons and lemon prints and this color blue even makes the palest of girls look tan! Love!  Style for the Cape and Islands during the Summer months is laid back.  I took this look from day to night with just a few small changes.  What do you think?

How was your weekend? 

xx, Elise

shorts / top / necklace enter CODE 'elise20j' for 20% off / sandals / clutch

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  1. Your shorts are extremely cute!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Sounds like such a fun concert but I'm sorry your bag was stolen! This is such a pretty look! I love those shorts!

    Doused in Pink

  3. What a gorgeous Summer outfit! So sorry you list your RM purse!!! Dang it! I hope this week goes super smoothly for you beautiful lady!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your bag. It makes me just as irate when people steal too. It's such an invasion of privacy and you wonder how the world can have those kind of rotton people in it. But keep up the good attitude, you are inspiring! XO


  5. So glad the event went well, and yay for a Coldplay concert! Huge bummer about the bag though, I would have been pissed too. I've had to throw out items at the gate to concerts before too, and will never understand why as long as they check through everything.
    Green Fashionista

  6. I'm so sorry your bag got taken, lady- that is SUCH a damn bummer. Also total crap that someone in a full suit (with a HEAD!) was allowed in, but not your bag (which had been emptied!).

    You look super cute in this look, though- I love the lemon print!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. Love this color look adorable and cheery!

  8. Very chic, love the bright colors <3

  9. Love these shorts! And I want these Birks in every color!

  10. Love the dual look and also love that something this adorable can be found at the mall in the Loft!

  11. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear about your bag! What a bummer! Those shorts are absolutely fabulous through! I love the fun print!

  12. ugh i'm so sorry to hear about your minkoff bag! i'd be so pissed too. i do love your lemon shorts though!

    cute & little

  13. Oh what a shame about the bag! But you do look good!😉😉

  14. What a petty regarding the handbag.
    You look stunning and I like the top.
    Have a nice week.

    Love, Esther

  15. I'm sorry about your bag!! On the plus side, you look so great and those shorts are adorable!

    Katherine |

  16. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your bag. That's awful. Sometimes I feel there is just no common sense when it comes to security rules. Love your outfit. The shorts are so cute!

  17. Sounds like a great day, minus losing your bag! Thats a total bummer, I would have been so mad. On a positive, I love your outfit today, your lemon shorts are adorable!

    Pumps and Push-Ups

  18. That's one gorgeous top! I love the color, and your necklace is just perfect for it.

    Jessica |

  19. You look way cute in this! Love the color combo!


  20. Omg, I love those shorts. Adorable outfit and I love cold play too. So glad you got to see them in person

  21. Lovely look, beautiful color combo!
    Kisses, Paola.

  22. This is the cutest look! I love those shorts! The lemon print is so fun!

  23. Thanks for joining the Top of the World Style linkup party with your awesome outfit. The print of your shorts is so cool. However, your slippers are even cooler! I've never seen yellow ones before! What a great find!

  24. Loving blue and yello combo!! Nistha

  25. Love this outfit! I saw this print in the halter dress and they didnt have my size! Love the cobalt on you too. So pretty!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  26. Soooo sorry to hear about your purse! Ugh, that is so frustrating! I am glad you had a good time at the concert though! Your lemon outfit is so cute!!!

    Trendy & Tidy