Cut it Out

Wednesday, September 10, 2014 9:31 AM

I have had this cut out sweater for over a year and just today took the tags off.  I feel the same way about a cut out sweater as I do about peep toe booties, while adorable, are they functional?  A theme in my life as of recently is trying new things. I am tired of the old, stale and monotonous in all aspects of my life. Why not extend that into my style?  Anyway, it was a chilly 60 degrees this morning and a sweater was definitely in order.

Black Cut Out Sweater - AQUA (similar here and here)
Denim - Vigoss
Neon Belt - J. Crew (Similar here and here)
Handbag - Burberry (Similar here  and here)
Sunnies - Ray- Ban

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