Blog Bullying

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 7:10 AM

One of the many reasons I started a blog was because I love reading others.  I prefer fashion, lifestyle, make-up, and DIY blogs.  Often times it is where I draw inspiration, and creativity, and was hoping to do the same for others.  In my very hectic life, It gives me time to be me.  It takes a lot of courage to put your thoughts, ideas, and self out there for anybody to read or view, regardless of what you are posting about.  One of the most rewarding things has been developing a camaraderie with other bloggers and readers.      

Cyber Bullying and Blog Bulling have been going on since the introduction of the comment section.  While it is expected that people have differing opinions in almost all avenues of life, there is certainly no better way to get your point across then calmly, well thought out, and intelligently.  In my opinion you are more often heard when you have a point than when spewing nonsensical B.S., to hear yourself talk... Or read what you've typed.  That saying ' You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar' always comes to mind. Political websites and blogs are the usual venue for people of opposite opinions to duke it out in the comment sections, but also the perfect place for anonymous internet trolls to kick up some dirt.

You can only imagine my surprise when this past week as  I was reading one of my favorite blogs and about to post a comment I saw a slew of anonymous negativity in the comments section. Again, NOT that it is more acceptable, but it is one thing if you are reading a political blog and you are voicing your opinion on economical or global issues.  To anonymously post on a fashion blog about someone's hairstyle, scarf or eyelash length seems completely unnecessary, not constructive, and deliberate.  Since, I have come across this same negativity on other sites.  Who are these internet trolls?  If I were to render a guess I would say possibly people on the periphery of these women's lives.  Assuming these internet bullies are women, aren't we supposed to build each other up, not knock each other down?  So easy to be mean with no avatar and a fake name.  What do they think they are accomplishing?  I can tell you they have accomplished nothing!  In a failed attempt to make themselves feel better by putting others down in true text book bullying fashion, they have not succeeded.  The women that write these blogs handled themselves with such grace, a reason why I love their blogs and continue to read what they write. Simply ignoring the haters and being gracious to their fans.  Continuing to post with out skipping a beat, and not giving the power to those negative people in their effort to abuse.  We should feel sorry for these people and all people who bully and abuse in life that are trying to make people as powerless as they are in their struggle for approval.


With any kind of mean girl, or anyone who bullies anyone, there's a reason for it.  There is that sadness in them or insecurity that makes them feel like they need to act out or hurt other people.

- Maiara Walsh


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  1. I honestly didn't know that blog bullying was a thing. I always thought people were so nice on comments, at least on mine they are. I agree that this needs to be stopped

  2. What a lovely post!! I'm a firm believer in ' how others make you feel about yourself says a lot more about them than you'!! The best approach is to ignore and not feed into them. ..most of the time they are obese middle aged people with no life of their own! But never let the pips stop you from enjoying the watermelon
    Martina xx

  3. Thank you for sharing... Some bloggers can definitely be bullys I am lucky enough to have connected with great and friendly bloggers

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  4. I read some mean comments on another person's blog recently. And you're right, those who post rude and mean comments always post anonymously. I don't know what they get out of it. But yes, I'm guessing these are people in their lives as well. Probably with an ulterior motive.

  5. It's the anonymity that irks me - would they be so rude and mean if they had to say it with their actual real life profile (FB link etc) there for the world to see? Me thinks not.