My New Samsung Galaxy Camera

Tuesday, December 30, 2014 7:30 AM

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday! So, amongst the laundry list of things I was secretly wishing I would get (myself) for Christmas, was a new camera. I was making myself cross eyed reading reviews.  I am clearly not a photographer so I know I did not need to spend a bundle.  What I do need, is something that is clear, with great resolution, tons of megapixels and can upload or email right from the device.  I was very interested in one particular samsung camera that came wifi ready. The day after Christmas, with gift card in hand, I braved the crowds to get my new camera.  I looked at the one I had originally wanted. It seemed practical, and looked professional and I would surely astound my readers with the clear upgrade of photographs on my blog!  It was then that the very educated and informative sales person brought me to the Samsung Galaxy 2  . It was cheaper, the camera was very comparable to the first, but this not only has a wifi card, it is a smart camera, with a fully functional touch screen on the back, and is white leather! You can download any app you would want and game, photo app, social media, movies, CHATon (samsung messaging similar to Imessage that I didn't know existed!), etc.

I am trying to figure out all of the settings, but I have been having a hell of a time playing around with it.
As you can tell I have not quite turned into Herb Ritz, but I am working on it. Hopefully I will be a pro by New Years Eve and this weekend as I am going away and will have many photo ops.


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  1. Love the camera. I have a Samsung, not sure which one, but has WiFi. Very handy. Like the sound and look of yours.

    :) x