A Work In Progress

Thursday, May 7, 2015 9:30 AM

I come from a ballet background, and truth be told it is one of, if not the only exercise I actually enjoy doing. It was something that I started at a really young age like most young girls, but for me it turned into an obsession and career I pursued.  In my late teens and early twenties I danced 8 to 10 hours a day. Unfortunately for me I suffered from a torn ACL, and shattered patella in which I had multiple surgeries, and was never fully able to dance at the caliber I once had.  Since, I have stayed in shape (relatively) taking dance classes, core fusion, barre, yoga, and walking.

In February I was so excited to escape the cold for Florida, what I wasn't excited about was the way I looked in a bathing suit.  While still on vacation after I had put my son to bed I was up watching tv, when an infomercial for T25 came on.  Being a complete sucker for a testimonial with before and after pics, I promptly ordered it.  The following week it arrived and I began this journey.

So my thoughts on T25 are as follows:

- It is easy to follow. Broken into Alpha (recommended for the first five weeks) and Beta (second 5 weeks) workouts with a detailed calendar of which workout you should do every night for the maximum results.

- It is hard!  Thankfully there is a modifier that gives you an option of a modified lower impact exercise.  I used the modifier for almost all sets for the whole first week.  I figure, even if I am modifying, I am still doing more than I was doing last week!  Every week I have modified less and less, and am so pleased with the results in my stamina.      

- It is only 25 Minutes!! Promising the same results in only 25 minutes that other programs guarantee in an hour long workout. Everyone can fit in a 25 minute work out!!  a lot of people opt to get up earlier in the A.M., but I value my sleep too much.  I have found that after dinner, homework, baseball, is the best time for me to fit it in.   

- I have since started eating better.  Not that I was every a huge or unhealthy eater, but I cut out my vice, french fries, and the occasional soda at lunch. I have also tried to cut out sugars, and eat more whole foods.
I am still dancing, and walking, taking other classes while incorporating other core, leg and arm workouts.  T25 has kick started me back into living a healthier lifestyle. 

The week I started, I took my 'before' pics.  So displeased with the way I looked, I vowed to never show them to anyone, let alone post them.  Recently I have noticed a difference in the way my clothes feel, and I decided to take some 'in progress' pictures.  I was pleasantly surprised.

These are my results in week nine.  This is solely Alpha workout.  I wanted to nail all of these workouts without any modifications before I moved on to Beta.  

BEFORE (excuse the angle)

IN PROGRESS  (excuse the surroundings)


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