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Thursday, April 20, 2017 4:00 AM

Happy Thursday Dolls!
I am currently on vacation in Miami and hopefully as you are reading this I am catching some vitamin D and sipping on something frosty.

I absolutely love to get dressed and look polished, but sometimes I need to be comfortable. 
There are two occasions when I absolutely need to be comfy, the first is when I shop. I love to marathon shop, so I need to be as comfy as possible, sensible shoes are a must. Often times even when I dress appropriately for a shopping excursion, my feet still hurt at the end of the day. 
 The second occasion is when I travel. I don't love to fly and aside from the usual worries and fears most people have about flying, I feel claustrophobic and hate that I can't move around much. If I am going to be strapped in for a long period of time, I have to be wearing clothes where I do not feel restricted. As you know a few weeks back people got removed from a United flight for wearing leggings. Granted they were traveling under an employee travel pass that includes a dress code, but they were just teens trying to travel in comfort.  

Comfort Travel Tips:
1. Wear something you can move in 
I find leggings, a cotton maxi dress, skirt or jumpsuit to be the most comfortable to travel. Comfy and non restricting.

2. Easily removable shoes  
Flip flops (if you are traveling someplace warm), slip on sneakers, or Uggs. Maybe not the most fashionable, but for sure the easiest to slip on and off in the security line. 

3. Layers
It is a must to wear layers on a plane. You never know if it is going to be warm or cool, or perhaps the passenger next to you loves the above air blower, you should always be prepared. 

and finally my favorite travel tip...

4. The neck pillow  
I am not sure when the first time I used a neck pillow, but I remember thinking it was a travel game changer.  Perhaps it was in my twenties with all my travel back and forth to the West Coast and having fallen asleep on many a stranger's shoulders, I am not sure, but I haven't traveled without one in a decade. They gently cradle you neck and head assuring a comfortable rest and no neck pain when you wake up.

Have wonderful weekend! 
Doing anything fun?

xx, Elise

jumpsuit / denim jacket scotch and soda similar here & here  / hat / sneakers / backpack / sunnies

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  1. Those are great tips! I find easily removable shoes so helpful! You look so cute in this outfit!

  2. Comfort is a must for travel! Love this outfit idea.


  3. Yay! Enjoy your vacation! You have traveling in comfort AND style down.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. You are cute and gorgeous even when you're cozy! I agree with your tips, and I especially love the one about layering. There's' nothing worse than being stuck on a flight or in the airport and being too hot or too cold.

    I really like your bubbly suitcase, too :) Have a margarita for me! And while you're at it, how about a pina colada too!!!!!


  5. Being comfortable while traveling is definitely what we all want, and your outfit isn't just comfortable but also stylish. Enjoy your travel!

  6. You always look chick no matter what you're wearing!

  7. This is the perfect travel outfit! I'm with you on easily removable shoes!

    xx Leah /

  8. THis is a great travel outfit! I like comfortable layers for the plane as it's always so cold! I usually pack a blanket scarf, I can use it as a blanket or pillow or scarf...mutli use! :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  9. This is a really cute travel look! comfort is key!

  10. You have the cutest travel style! I love the Adidas and denim jacket!

  11. Its so important to wear something comfy, I have a new challenge to concur with my upcoming travels, wearing something breastfeeding friendly. These are great tips and you look gorgeous.

    Meg | The Blog
    Instagram: MeghanSSilva

  12. I totally folow all of these tips when I travel. Comfort is key! You look fab girl!

    Don’t forget to join the Fashion Frenzy Linkup every Wednesday!

  13. Love these tips, a neck pillow is a fantastic idea! Comfort is a must, especially for lengthy trips.

    Luci’s Morsels | fashion. food. frivolity.

  14. What a chic travel outfit. You look amazing, as always!

    Jessica |

  15. Love these tips! I have learned my lesson being cold on the plane. Now I layer and layer and layer. Although, I get cold everywhere I go so I always bring a cardigan along, lol.

    Lydia |

  16. Your outfit is perfectly comfy for both traveling and shopping. I follow those same tips too. I cannot believe they removed people wearing leggings - how awful!

    Hope you are enjoying Florida as we speak! Welcome by tomorrow and every Thursday and linkup your gorgeous style with me. Thanks, Ada. =)

  17. I love your tips and this is the perfect type of style for a plane ride. You still look gorgeous as ever!! Teach me your ways :).

    Trendy & Tidy

  18. In love with this outfit and such a useful tips!! Great post!
    Mónica Sors

  19. These are helpful tips! I always dress in layers when I travel and a neck pillow is definitely a game changer! Have a fun trip!

    Doused In Pink