Holiday Gift Guide: Take 1

Wednesday, November 18, 2015 6:00 AM

Time is flying, and I am not sure where it is going!!  It seems like I was just in flip flops, and now Thanksgiving is just next week!  I LOVE the holiday season, I am a holiday dork.  I like to dress festive, listen to Christmas carols, I enjoy the hustle and bustle of the crowds while shopping, but mostly I love giving gifts.  I find the hardest gifts to give are the smaller Secret Santa or grab bag gifts, as well as trying to buy for men. 
So here are a few gift ideas for under $50:


1. SWELL water bottle $25- $45
These bottles are amazing!  they keep things either super cold or piping hot for 24 hours... no joke.. For reals!

2. Personalized Clear Dome Umbrella $19.99
YESSSSS!  I always find myself admiring others cute umbrellas.  I will find one and carry it around a store, and inevitably put it back.  I want one desperately yet, would not but one for myself.  It makes a great gift!

3. Feather Candles $22
Sweet, pretty different take on candles.

4. Bracelet Flask $35
Because, hilarious!

5. Kate Spade Glitter Shoe Keychain $48
Who wouldn't want a fun Sparkly Slipper hanging on their bag?
Perfect for the girly girl.

6. Peace Hand Bottle Stopper $24
Let's not forget that 'peace' is spirit of the season with this quirky
Jonathan Adler bottle stopper

7. Prismatic Jewelry Stand $29.99
Because what girl isn't always looking for more jewelry storage?

8. Sparklers $38
Any excuse to have sparklers!  Perfect for NYE!

9. Fingerless Gloves $36.50
Go classic with a set of gloves! Always a great gift.


1. Izola Nested Shot Glasses $30
Great set of shot glasses with one of my favorite sayings.

2. GRID-IT Travel Organizer $29.99
For the traveler who already has a million shaving kits!
Perfect for organizing electronics, chords, toiletries or whatever else you can think of.

3. 'Where'd You Get Those?' $37
For the 'Sneaker Head' in your life, a book exhibiting
 New York City's sneaker culture from 1960- 1987.

4. Shoe Snob Mini Gift Set  $30
Essentials for the gentleman who appreciates
and takes superb care of his footwear.

5. Smart Phone Projector Kit $32
Now you can project your movies, pictures and funny videos
directly from your smartphone.

6. Whiskey Stones $19.95
For the whiskey connoisseur.  Soapstone beverage cubes keep drinks cool
without watering them down, prolonging appreciation of the nuanced flavors of fine spirits.

 7. Climbing Patent Prints $37.50
For the serious Rock or Boulder Climber, a set of 6 patent prints.

8. Wood Sunglasses $39.95
Your BF, Brother, or co-worker will look super hip with these polarized bamboo sunnies.

9. Trunk Club Gift Card $50
For the fashionable man in your life who does not have the time to shop for himself.
Help him out with a GC to a personalized shopping experience.


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  1. I am a holiday dork right there with you girl and I love it! You picked some great ideas!! I actually got a very similar shoe keychain for my mama and my shoe obsessed husband and sons would love those little kits!!

    1. Thanks Andrea! I thought those shoe kits were just great!


  2. Such great finds for both ladies and gents. Thank you for the wonderful suggestions! Excited to see what guide 2 has in store!

  3. Finger less gloves are different what I want and need for this winter!

  4. Love this!! Those feather candles are so pretty, might have to snag one for myself!


  5. Great gift guides! I love that glitter shoe key chain, I want it for myself, since I'm a shoe lover and I love glitter. It's perfect!!! :)

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  6. Such cute and perfect ideas! Love the bracelet flask!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  7. I love the gift ideas for him. Shopping for my BF is always the hardest

  8. Love the water bottle! Great Idea! :)