Comfy With a Side of Cozy

Friday, January 16, 2015 6:45 AM

I have lived in a few places in my life, but the majority of time spent has been in Boston.  It is like I have amnesia from Winter to Winter.  I know that I have experienced extreme cold, but every year it is like it is happening for the first time.  This year I have felt a little spoiled because the end of Autumn through the Holidays it was unseasonably mild.  I loved it!  It is no secret I despise the cold weather... actually loath.  My favorite saying is the best thing about Winter is when it is over.  For the past two weeks it has been absolutely frigid, teetering between -2 and about 18 degrees.  To be honest once it gets below 30, it is just cold and I can not tell the difference.  For years I rebelled, didn't wear a winter coat or seasonably appropriate clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. I refused to look bulky and unattractive, but alas, as I have gotten older I want to be fashionable still, but comfy and warm.

Hope you are all staying warm!


What I am wearing
Color Block Hat Joe Fresh/ Sunnies Ray-Ban/
Sweater Uniqlo similar here and here/
Studded Leather Gloves similar here and here/
Infinity Scarf  Target/ Tote Rebecca Minkoff similar here/
Leggings Hue/ Boots Stategia SOLD OUT similar here

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  1. Love that pom beanie and cape coat! So perfect!!

    Ro Middleton

  2. Such a cute ensemble, seriously!
    I'm moving to Southern NH (so I'll be close to MA!), and to be honest, I have no idea how I should dress for next Winter. Lol. I've lived in Southern California, but I guess I can dress like the Michelin man, worse comes to worse. :-P