Staying Positve!

Thursday, January 22, 2015 10:00 AM

So it is the end of January, and here in the Northeast it is a long haul to the Spring and Summer months.  And let's be honest, even when the calendar says it is Spring, the mercury on the thermometer tells a very different story.  In New England we go pretty much from Winter straight to Summer, it is not gradual at all.  Spring weather sticks around for about a week and a half.  At any rate, we have another solid 4 months before we it even begins to be noticeably warmer so I like to appreciate and look forward to things in order to stay positive.

Things to be happy about:

- Every day on my drive home from work I have noticed that it is lighter and lighter in the evening.

 - In less than a month I will be on vacation wearing a bikini! (well maybe not psyched about being in a bathing suit, but at least it will be warm enough to wear one. )

- Because it is cold and dark early during the school year it is easier to wrangle my son from playing to reading.  He was so disinterested, so I decided to give him $.10 per page he has read.  It has kept him interested, and he is now reading like a champ.  Not above dangling the carrot. 

- March 8th is Daylight savings.  Most people could care less, where I think it should be a national holiday!

- We have had very little snow this year, which means I have been able to not live in snow boots.  It is way easier to stay relatively fashionable when you can wear cute footwear.

- I have been really making an effort to get together with friends.  It is so easy to just hunker down and stay hibernating in your house, but what fun is that?  in recent weeks I have really enjoyed going out with friends to parties and dinners.

- I am excited to start renovating my room. I need to minimize clutter and maximize space.

- AND...So far it has been mild and sunny, and that is what inspired today's outfit!  Tights and a tunic are comfortable and yet still stylish, and different from my usual denim outfit.

My little Chloe kept photo bombing too.

What I wore:
Black and White Tunic similar here and here
Grey Boyfriend Cardi Madewell similar here and here/
Coat SHEINSIDE/ Infinity Scarf Target
Jewelry J. Crew/ Boots Enzo Angiolini ON SALE!/
Bag Louis Vuitton similar here

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  1. wonderful're so pretty...and Cloe is adorable!

  2. Wonderful outfit, so simple and effortless xx
    Your dog is adorable!

  3. You really pull it all together. Love your style.

  4. Love the outfit especially with the army green coat. Adorably pup. I have a beagle that runs wild, chases squirrels, doesn't listens and eats my clothes. I bet ur dog doesn't do those things.