Thursday, April 16, 2015 7:05 AM

It's that time of year again, when celebrities, wanna be celebs, and kids with too much family money trade in their Louboutins, and other designer duds for knee high gladiators, moccasins, see-through dresses and flower hair garlands to pretend they are a tree hugging, bohemian, flower children for six days.

Remember when music festivals were about the music? I DO!  The two things in life that bring me great pleasure, are music and fashion, but in this instance I take great umbrage. 

In 1993, Pearl Jam performed for over 25,000 people at a venue in the Coahcella Valley to protest Ticketmaster and all of the venues in CA that they controlled.  It was a "F.U." to big corporations and 'the MAN' as they say.  Six years later was the first Coachella Music and Arts Festival.  The creators wanted a European music festival feel with small crowds in a great setting, booking some popular artists as well as more emerging artists.

I have definitely been to my fair share of festivals, and I loved going. It was always about the music.  A day of fun, sun and partying, and for the price of one ticket got you entrance to see a ton of your favorite bands.  I think the creators of Coachella, amongst other popular music festivals (Stagecoach, Bonnaroo) had all that in mind, but somehow over the years it has morphed into something very different.  It is a see and be seen gathering.  As one of my best girlfriends put it the other day it is Halloween in April.  Websites and blogs posting how to dress for a festival.  My question is, why on earth would you dress differently than you normally would?  And why have people settled on the bohemian (which I personally love in my every day life) flare? I look at the line up, and nothing says peace and love like Azelia Banks, the Bixel Boys and AC/DC!

With Celebrity brunches being hosted by fashion designers at Coachella I feel as if the initial thought, purpose and integrity of this musical gathering has been lost.  And although extremely entertaining this clip From Jimmy Kimmel's Lie Witness News Coachella Edition form 2013 is both hilarious and sad.


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