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Wednesday, April 1, 2015 8:35 AM

I have always been pretty active and fit, having been a ballet dancer for years, and then by the natural progression of things getting into pilates, core fusion and barre.  Most recently I have coupled those things with T25, after I was told in passing that I had a great body for someone 'my age'.  Ha!  I want to be healthy and fit, and really have a great body for any age... challenge accepted.  With bikini weather only a few short weeks away I have been working out a ton and spending a lot of time in workout clothes, but because of this I have been in a conundrum of sorts. For a while now I have been a little judgy and vocal about people that spend their days in workout clothes, Lulu Lemon in particular, especially when I know those expensive duds have never seen the inside of a yoga studio or absorbed any sweat.    It is my personal preference to spend money on more everyday wear and not clothing designed to be sweat in.  I do own a few Lulu items (because I was given gift cards), and I do think they are quality items, but there are so many other great little known, less expensive sportswear brands.

I do not like spending a ton, but I also like a quality product.  I have items from Nike, Under Armor, Old Navy, Athleta, Lucy, but truth be told one of my favorites is Victoria's Secret.  The fabrics and prints are colorful and adorable, light weight yet durable, and the cuts are flattering.  Also, what better place to get a sports bra, then a place known for their bras?  While their clothing isn't completely inexpensive (bottoms ranging from $44 - $69, tops $24 - $60, and sports bras from $46- $60 almost always offering a 20% off code), it certainly is less expensive then some of the competitors.

My second favorite is the new line Fabletics co-founded by Kate Hudson.  After seeing a promo on social media I decided to check it out.  A little hesitant, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only are the styles adorable, affordable and flattering they offer an entire outfit for $25 for first time customers.  A great deal!


Another great site is carbon 38 offering the latest in stylish workout gear, such as Onzie, Teeki and Split559 to name a few. 

Happy Spring!


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  1. I love this!! x

  2. I am guilty of wearing workout clothes all the time. Thx for the advice on ways I can be comfy, yet stylish. :)

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