The Happy Place

Thursday, April 18, 2019 3:30 AM

It's almost Easter weekend!! 
I am so excited, although I prefer it be warm and sunny on Easter, that is not in the cards for us. I am however looking forward to brunch, family time and mimosas!

I went away this past weekend, but Friday before I left I got together with some fabulous blogger friends of mine and visited Happy Place.  

The Happy Place is a pop up interactive exhibit where you are encouraged to 'find your happy'
I had heard mixed reviews from many people. Some who went with young children found it underwhelming, others thought there were endless photo-ops.  

If you are looking to walk through an art installation, you may be disappointed. If you are looking for primo and endless instagrammable moments, then this will indeed be your 'happy place'.  
When you purchase tickets, you reserve a time. This is to spread out the crowds and give every party an allotted time in each room.  As you can imagine five bloggers trying to get perfect photos held up the line a little bit. (insert uncomfortable smiley face emoji)

After you walk though yellow, quilted leather smiley face doors, your adventure begins. Instantly greeted by a smiling staff member serving ramekins filled with yellow and white M&Ms. 
You will move from giant heels & gumball machine rooms, to a lips, rubber duckies and a cookie room all while dancing to you favorite up beat music and treats like cookies and pop corn along the way.  

All in all we had a blast and on average took about 450 photos each. I would be lying if I wasn't concerned about the cleanliness of the ball pits and confetti dome, but I put my germaphobe instincts on hold and enjoyed all of it! 

Have you been to Happy Place?
 If you are in or close to Boston the exhibit is here until June 2.
Find your happy and have a wonderful weekend!

xx, Elise

Julia from whatthej.com

Amy and Adrienne from www.formmefatale.com

My look 
jumpsuit / mules splurge v. save

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  1. Unfortunately it's not supposed to be warm here for Easter either. This looks like such an amazing place!! I've never been and wonder if they have something like that around here.

  2. The Happy Place looks like such a cool place! Your photos are so fun! Love your polka dot jumpsuit! You look amazing!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  3. I enjoyed the post so much, thanks for sharing!

  4. Now you are really making me want to travel to Boston and check this place out! It looks so neat there and perfect for photos!!!!


  5. This looks like SUCH A BLAST! You babes are crushing these shots!

    So excited for Easter weekend- I have a conference on Saturday (and I'm speaking at it, ahhhh!) but then it's time for ALL the mimosas for Easter!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  6. What a cool and fun place! It definitely looks like a blast!




  7. The Happy Place looks inviting. It is going to rain where I live. Wishing you and yours a Happy Easter.
    Marilyn and family

  8. WOW the Happy Place is indeed happy and so picture-perfect for a blogger. Love your dotted jumpsuit and that both you and Julia chose happy polka dots, to wear. Also, such cute whimsical mules.

    Welcome by and join the latest Thursday Moda this week and every week. Miss you over on the blog. I ALWAYS LOVE YOUR STYLE, MAMA!! <3 Also, on my post today I am asking my readers a question about a pair of pants I am wearing. Love to see what you think!! Happy Easter Weekend!!


  9. Haha, that looks amazing! Happy Weekend!

  10. What an awesome and cute place! I love the photos and your jumpsuit.

    xo, Maria

  11. Love the Happy Place! It's such a fun installation!


  12. wow this is so beautiful ! i need to go there!


  13. What a fun outfit and photo shoot! Happy Easter!

  14. Oh the Happy Place looks too fun! After seeing the pics I'm not surprised at all that a group of bloggers held up the line! LOL. But...I bet most people were taking nearly as many photos. Your makeup is perfection in these photos!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  15. Looks like a fun place! I love the bathtub photo and the upside down room! I also love your outfit!

  16. Omg this is so fun!! I love your jumpsuit and those shoes!

    <3 Shannon 
    Upbeat Soles

  17. SO much fun! And that jumpsuit is fab, and seamlessly goes with all the great decor <3

    Green Fashionista

  18. These photos are incredible! You looked amazing xx


  19. What a fun place indeed! Lovely photos you have here dear!
    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  20. It looks so fun! lol, I hear you on the ball pit, but really...what a fun place to take photos!

    Virginia | More to Mrs. E