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Thursday, November 7, 2019 3:30 AM

Who's ready for the weekend??
I am! After I celebrate my father's birthday on Friday night, I am heading out of town to NYC for a girls weekend. I would tell you to tune into my stories, but I always seem to have too much fun to document. I guess I'll try harder?  

I have really been focusing a lot on my skin care routine lately. 
I truly wish I began tending to  my skin in my twenties, but when my skin was wrinkle and acne free I never gave it a second thought.  Heck, I barely even washed my makeup off at the end of the night! I know, gross.   I love trying new products and it is thrilling when I find the work. 

 have found one of the best steps to help fight acne that I have added to my skincare routine is this Michael Todd Beauty cruelty-free tool, clear bilight system! .

Clear Bilight is an FDA cleared LED Light Therapy device featuring two LED wavelengths. Powerful and effective BLUE + RED LED Light Therapies are clinically proven to kill bacteria that is present in acne blemishes and calm inflammation while preventing future breakouts. Restore your skin's balance, clarity and radiance without the negative side-effects of alternative acne treatments. Safe, painless, easy to use and nontoxic. Clear Bilight is a safe and effective way to treat mild to moderate inflammatory acne.
Blue LED 
Kills acne related bacteria present in both mild and moderate inflammatory breakouts without the negative side-effects of topical or oral medications. Safe, effective, painless and chemical-free. Powerful yet suitable for all skin types including Sensitive Skin.
Helps to stimulate the skin to speed the blemish healing process, fade the look of post-acne dark spots and restore the skin's healthy glow. A noninvasive approach to enhancing your complexion. Red LED is demonstrated to provide anti-aging benefits by reducing the look and feel of fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin tone, skin volume and elasticity.
My biggest problem area is on my chin due to hormones.  Every evening after I wash, exfoliate, tone and serum after my face is fully dry  dry and has absorbed any treatment I have applied I take a little over a half an hour to treat my face with my bilight tool. Read the directions carefully and treat affected areas with blue light first, then red, for no longer than 3 minutes each area. Guys, you would not believe the difference you will see! All of Michael Todd Beauty cruelty free tools are available Macy's

Michael Todd Beauty Tool

What are you favorite skincare products or tools?

Have an amazing weekend!

xx, Elise

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  1. I love trying new products and gadgets! Love that this brand is cruelty free! This sounds like a tool I could use!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  2. Sounds like an interesting product! Have a fun weekend in NYC!

    Hope that you have been having a great week :) It's to be super hot today so we are going to try get out early and avoid the heat!

    Away From Blue

  3. Girl your face always looks amazing! This sounds like a really neat product that works! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Have so much fun!! I love NYC and am dying to go back! And I'm the same with I'm always trying to enjoy the moment!! xo


  5. I haven't used Michael Todd Beauty products before. But this product looks good. I think out of all the things on the market you can buy for acne (creams, ointments etc), something like this tool would work the best. Have a lovely weekend in NY :)

    Laura /

  6. I have to try this. Thanks for sharing dear! Looking lovely as always.

    Jessica |

  7. A great little tool, I could do with one of these - you look amazing Elise. Thanks for adding to the #linkup Jacqui x

  8. Light therapy can be really amazing- I love this little device!

    Le Stylo Rouge